13 fortune cookies

SimonBirch_7Virginia shot me and kicked me out of her car—a little awkward, since she had to unbuckle my seatbelt first. I hit the pavement on my elbow, and my funny bone wouldn’t shut up about it. I coughed blood, tasted hellfire, and looked at all the signs I couldn’t read.

It was past 3 a.m. in Chinatown and the storefronts were shuttered. I grabbed a bag of groceries nearby, and out spilled rotten oranges and 13 fortune cookies, and I read each one while bleeding on Hill Street.

fiction | Tommy Tung
art | Simon Birch

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  1. I like your ability to paint a scene quickly that is memorable within a few sentences.

    • Thank you, LionAroundWriting. Some authors I learned from are Stephen King, Jim Thompson, Jonathan Lethem. There are many more I learned from but these are the most immediate who come to mind. I recommend Gun, with Occasional Music by Jonathan Lethem if you enjoy lean and memorable prose that serves the story and moves it along.

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