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urban fantasy | literary fiction

a novel by Tommy Tung

Since he fell in love with a Jinni, Galen Gorry hasn’t set foot in Los Angeles but now he’s returning to the city that broke his heart, because someone’s got to stop a faction of Jinn from owning all the magic.

BATZORIG Dugarsuren

Magic is meant for everyone, Gorry knows. Artists just pick it up faster. As a painting prodigy, Gorry showed writers, musicians, and creative types in L.A. that magic and art were the same: an ability to render reality. Some of his protégés could read your life history by touching your skin. Some could paralyze you with a crow’s feather. But then some started killing with their talents. Gorry couldn’t stop them all nor could he stop his Jinni lover from dying.

Eight years later, Gorry needs more than magic against the Jinn who are masters of it, according to Islamic mythology. He needs the help of a bitter ex, an estranged friend, resentful artists, and even a skinwalker he’s killed a few times.

More than anything, Gorry needs to love people enough again to save them. That’s the only way his half-Jinni daughter can do the same. {art by Batzorig Dugarsuren}

Now seeking literary representation.

Interested agents/editors/publishers, contact me here.


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