The Gorgon was shy. But I liked shy. I knock-knock-knock-knocked on her door and waited — something like ten minutes — listening to her drag, krsssshhhhh, krsssshhhhh, krsssshhhhh. Click! Clock-clock! Clonk. The locks turned and the door cried open. I smelled garlic and lamb and lavender. “Welcome to the building. I’m new also,” I said. Her snakes licked my eyes. I lifted a box of cupcakes. “Red velvet. Hope you’re not allergic to chocolate.” She collected her thoughts and purred, “No dog to help you.” I smiled. “Did Homer need a dog?” I asked. The cupcakes floated away and she invited me inside and across the living room, my shoes crackled on dead snake skin.

flash fiction | Tommy Tung
photography source | here


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