She ran out of wine, so she drank blood.
She ran out of blood, so she drank darkness.
She ran out of darkness, so she unlocked her heart.
She found Desire there and drank it until it was no more.
So she slept. And she dreamt. And in her dream, worlds knocked worlds, broke into little ones, and spiraled around each other. Many were born — Desire rich in their veins — and poets and scientists were tasked with decoding it. After its mechanisms were learned however, they still couldn’t lullaby it. So they sought that slip of light, between waking and dreaming, and they crept there. And they woke up and saw her sleeping below sea level and they did not know who she was. They only knew they were thirsty — so very, very thirsty.

{flash fiction ~ Tommy Tung}
{art ~ Max Gasparini}

Max Gasparini

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